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Hey guys, Schwer here.

Ya know, I'm still alive! And, really, I mean that in a completely serious way. If my luck had been even more terrible than it is right now, I might not even be able to type this. Thing is: I was involved in a car accident a few days ago. I'm fine for the most part, but that's only because I had a f*ckton of luck. Really, all of the people that were involved had so much luck you guys don't even know. I just wanted to tell you dears that because I felt like you should know. It throws me back a little, but I will be fine sooner or later. So don't worry too much, 'k? Kay. =)

Anyways, from the good-bad news to bad news. Hetapocalypse is officially on a big HIATUS that it may never recover from. I just noticed how bad that game really was...and still is. The idea is great, really. The story, all planned in my head, is wonderful. But the coding, the mapping is awful. And I do not want an awful game. I might redo the game in the far future, but for now I have things to do that are more important than that game. It's not only that, but I distanced myself from the Hetalia fandom a lot in the past year. I like Hetalia, really. But it's not my cup of tea right now. Attack on Titan is my number 1 fandom at the moment and I don't think that will change soon. guys will still see a lot from me, though. I'm not dead. I will write more. And I will work on my own, original game. A game that is, overall, a lot better than Hetapocalypse could ever be. So, yes, the path that I will go now has a name: The Haunted World: Hell's Gate. You can check out the gamepage for it here:

Both contests that I will have to overlook WILL get their results as soon as I got better. But that might take some time. Until then: Stay safe, have fun and stay tuned. Life is not easy, but you can still take it with a smile.

- Love, Schwer


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|What I write|

- Reader-Inserts and Canon Character x Canon Character
- First, Second and Third Person
- Fluff, slight (!) Gore, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Romance etc.
- Everything rated from 0 years - 16 years
- Female x Male and Male x Male

|What I don't write|

- Canon Character x OC or OC x OC
- Crack and Lemon
- Female x Female


:bulletgreen: One-Shots :bulletgreen:
1000-2000 words: 10 Points
2000-3500 words: 15 Points
3500-5000 words: 25 Points

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1500-2500 words: 15 Points per chapter
2500-4000 words: 20 Points per chapter

:bulletblue: Drabbles :bulletblue:
100/200 words: 1 Point
300/400 words: 3 Points
500 words: 5 Points

|Importance of Work and Status|

:bulletpurple: COMMISSIONS before MY OWN IDEAS before REQUESTS. :bulletpurple:

:bulletblack: = Not started yet
:bulletblack: :bulletblack: = Started |Pay here!|
:bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: = Finished

:bulletred: = Not paid yet
:bulletgreen: = Paid

2 chapter series, 30 points
Username: SuzumiyaSaori
Fandom: Hetalia
Pairing(s): Latvia X Reader
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One-Shot, 5 points
Username: Nortstar
Fandom: Hetalia
Pairing(s): Denmark x Norway
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4 chapter series, 40 points
Username: Nortstar
Fandom: Hetalia
Pairing(s): America x Canada (brotherly)
STATUS: :bulletblack:

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Kswagg980 Feb 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You know when u made literature stories and on the side it saids "literature", how did u put that SvB  in there, cause i would like to do something similar to that
That...takes a long while to explain. I don't really think I could explain it all that well, so it probably would be better if you would just google for an answer. If you couldn't find one up until now, though, I will help you. So?
Kswagg980 Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
OK Thx :) have a nice day
KyoKyo866 Feb 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello yes hello! Been a very very long time since our last convo, uhuhuh. But, I'm here to say I finally got to playing Hetapocalypse and oh my gaaaawd its wonderful and beautiful and perfect and cant wait for the next update aaaaah~ I made sure to give  special treatment to this game ah yiss~

Here's my play of it! well the first episode, the next ones are coming in the next couple of days!
Wahhhh! That's SO cool! :D

Yeah, it's been an awfully long time. I really wanted to work on your Hetagame, but life likes to do evil stuff to me. :(

Anyway, regarding Hetapocalypse: I will probably redo the whole thing. Make it better. Better graphics. Better maps. Better, if a bit shorter, sprites. You could say it will be Hetapocalypse REDONE. But that might take a while. I'm still confidant to work on it again, though. :)

Sadly that means a longer hiatus for the game. But it also means that the game will be polished up from head to toe. :)

I'm so sorry for not speaking to you guys. :(
KyoKyo866 Feb 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Btw, I dont know if you say but heres the rest of the gameplay uwu/)

KyoKyo866 Feb 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thats perfectly okie, bby. You've got a lot going on don't feel guilty~ We'll always be around if you'd ever want to pick up conversation again uwu and I know I'd be willing to help out in any with with the other game or Hetapocalypse (owo)/) Such fantastic!
Bloodwhite-Wolf Jan 28, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, I was just wondering... Is your contest still going on? Its been like, a month since the deadline, and you have said anything. I was just wondering...
The contest has ended, but I wasn't able to pick out a winner and announce that just yet. A lot of things happened at the beginning of this year, that's why I wasn't able to finish the contest - for now. I try to finish it as soon as possible, but that might take another week or two. =)
Bloodwhite-Wolf Feb 2, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oooh, ok. Thank you, I'll be waiting! Will you feature your journal on the club again to announce the winners?
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