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January 13, 2013


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Main Pairings:

- America x England
- Germany x Italy
- England x France
- Russia x China
- Spain x Romano
- Austria x Prussia
- (brotherly) Romano x Italy
- (brotherly) Germany x Prussia
- (brotherly) America x Canada
- Russia x America
- Japan x America
- Japan x China
- Russia x Germany
- England x Japan
- France x Canada
- Prussia x Italy
- Canada x England
- Prussia x Canada

Side Pairings:

- Greece x Japan
- Hungary x Austria
- Hungary x Prussia
- Norway x Denmark
- Norway x Iceland
- Finland x Sweden
- (brotherly/sisterly) Belarus x Russia
- Poland x Lithuania
- Lithuania x Belarus
- (brotherly/sisterly) Switzerland x Liechtenstein

| Main Pairings: | Pairings that feature only main characters.
| Side Pairings: | Pairings that feature at least one side character.
| Underlined Pairings: | Pairings that will be hinted at even if you don't trigger pairing events.

Pairing Events:

| Dialogue Option: |
This Pairing Event gives you the option to choose one out of at least two dialogue options. It triggers a Pairing Event if you choose the right one and is directly tied to the main storyline of the game. Dialogue Option Pairing Events can result into funny cutscenes, or they add more depth to the characters, including the pairing they feature. A Dialogue Option Pairing Event can also result in entirely different cutscenes.

| Item Event: |
This kind of Pairing Event can be triggered through key items. You have to pick them up at one point in the game or get them through Dialogue Option Pairing Events or Dialogue Events. Then, they can be used to get another Pairing Event. This kind of Pairing Event can trigger side quests, cutscenes or bonus items.

| Dialogue Event: |
This Pairing Event can be triggered through talking. Go to a character and talk to him/her after a cutscene/an important cutscene. This can result in a Dialogue Option, however, the Pairing Event doesn't have to be tied to the main storyline. Now, pick the Dialogue Option that triggers the Dialogue Event. You will see a cutscene that might end in a side quest. Side quests can result in special cutscenes or they will reward you with bonus items.

Every Pairing Event might give you the chance for other Pairing Events at a later point in the game. You have to see the first Pairing Event, otherwise it won't be possible to see the next one. Pairing Events can influence the story.
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awww no england x italy :c
its a rarepair so im not surprised, but its my favorite
why must i like only rarepairs!! T.T
AnaisseSteighart Mar 17, 2014  New member Hobbyist Writer
OMG it's NorIce! Hooray!
Oh yay, ChuNi/NiChu! 
Oh My god!!!! I couldnt believe when I began the game one hour ago... You... You let me choose the pairing, Es tan hermoso :')

Someone should make a guide, this way, everyone will have their favourite pairing...

Gerita... My OTP I'm coming for you... And spamano and rochu... and usuk... and sufin... I wont rest until I find every moment of each couple... ^^

Ok, I think I forget the part of Zombie... There are parte where I was afraid (Zombie is the scariest monster that I have :() And de music...It tensed you at the right time...

But Incredible...

Saludos desde Espaņa ^^
kasutan Apr 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Italy x Romanoooo :iconhappytearsplz:
It's brotherly, though. :3
kasutan Apr 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
close enough... ; u ;
Don't be saaaad. D: It's cute, brotherly love. It's fluffeh. :iconsofluffyplz:
kasutan Apr 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yupp, at least it's there! ; u ; Better than nothing lol
besides, who doesn't like fluffeh?
Everyone likes fluffeh! (At least I hope so. xD)
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